Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Review (Mochi, Between The Sheets, Early Bird, Clutch, Fruit Stand)

Hi again, dolls!

I’m on fire here! Two posts in less than 24 hours! I guess I just can’t contain my excitement. Both my Colourpop Cosmetics and Makeup Geek (view my review and swatches here) packages arrived on the same day. And another special package (stay tuned!) came too!

Read on for first impression reviews and swatches!

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I got five shades in total and here are the swatches.

Left swatches are heavy-handed swatches and right swatches are blended.

Here are swatches taken outdoors in daylight:

And here’s an indoor one:

How gorgeous are they! I wish I had more than one pair of cheeks on my face so I can wear them all at once! I’m very happy with the variety of shades I purchased – I have wearable bright pinks and corals, I’m just so thrilled with my color choices.

These are all matte shades, and by the way, do NOT be fooled by the intensity of the colors on the pan! Most of these blushes look so dark and intense – I was literally “super shocked” when I saw the colors of my blushes on the pan (Super Shock is such an appropriate name!) because they looked so intimidating.

However, once you dip your fingers in and swatch them, they’re so soft and sheer! They’re very buildable though, which is perfect because you don’t want blushes that have 100% opacity at first swipe, it’ll be insanely difficult to blend out. Blushes are meant to have sheer-but-buildable color opacity and vibrance. So here are the individual shades:

Mochi (Matte) is described as a bright blue pink and is completely matte.  I initially wanted to get Prenup instead of this shade, but the model for the blush line turned out to be wearing this Mochi shade and it looked so cute on her! So I decided to get Mochi instead.  It swatched so beautifully and smoothly on the skin. Even though blue-toned blushes usually look bad on me, this one gave me a really cute dolly pink flush! I love it!

Between The Sheets (Matte) is a mid-tone terracotta-ish beige pink and although it is categorized as a matte, I did notice slight micro shimmers in it. They’re very very tiny though, you’d only be able to notice it under direct sunlight and with careful observation. They’re probably there just to give the skin a bit of a glow or dimension, which I love!

The undertone seems to be on the cooler side, but this is the type of blush that anyone with any skintone can wear, and with any eye look or outfit! It’s such a versatile, neutral shade.

Early Bird (Matte) is described as a bright red coral and is my number 1 favorite out of all the blushes that I purchased, along with Clutch, which I will get into after this. This shade is so beautiful, it really warms up my complexion! It gives your cheeks the kind of flush you get after you work out. The matte finish makes it look so natural and its warmth makes it look like skin, not artificial at all.

Clutch (Matte) is another top favorite of mine! It’s a vivid rosy red and is very vibrant on the skin. You can build it up to your liking of course, but just one layer is vibrant enough. It’s one of the more intense ones in terms of color payoff.

The color seems to have that kind of watermelon-ish vibe to it. I love it!  Fruit StandThis is the one shade I was most intimidated by! Just look at its intensity! I purchased it because I wanted to try one that is crazy, out-of-my-comfort-zone bright – so I got this and I am very pleased. Fruit Stand (Matte) is a neon red-orange and it completely reminds me of the Rock & Republic Blush in Immoral, which is a super bright, reddish neon orange. It used to be my favorite blush.



The texture is really, really weird, but in a very good way! When you press your finger against the product, it leaves an indentation and is rather squishy, almost like jelly. Almost. It has a very unique (and enjoyable!) clay-like consistency that I can’t even describe, and it goes on the skin so smoothly, almost like powder. I feel like it has the consistency of cream-to-powder products, but not too powdery at all. They remind me of the Maybelline Dream Bouncy blushes! Except these have much better color payoff.

I’m probably confusing you guys, I myself am a bit confused about the texture. In a good way, of course. All I know is that these blushes have the most beautiful, smooth, unique and blendable texture of all time. No joke.



These blushes have lasted up to 8 hours on my skin, depending on whatever I am wearing underneath. I sometimes use this my bare face (no foundation and/or powder) and it would usually last about 4-5 hours, but it will last much longer on top of a full face of makeup.



Since these blushes have a creamy consistency, it’s best to apply these with your fingers for maximized intensity. However, I personally prefer using a stippling brush. My favorite stippling brush to use these with is the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. It’s sturdy and not too wobbly, and picks up the perfect amount of product. I love that I can build up the opacity very gradually with this.



These Colourpop blushes (and eyeshadows) are very delicate. Due to the uniquely creamy and jelly nature of their products, you have to make sure you close the lids very tightly after use. I’ve heard of instances where products dried up due to air exposure. So if you choose to purchase these Colourpop blushes and eyeshadows, make sure you store them well and close ’em lids tightly after use!


Final Verdict

I am incredibly in love with these and have purchased more. Will update my swatches to include new shades soon!

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