Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick Review

Damn Rimmel, back at it again with the amazing lipsticks!

Rimmel has continued to outdo themselves with the release of their new Only 1 Lipsticks. It’s not perfect, but for a drugstore formula, it’s actually pretty darn remarkable. Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick review and swatches below!


The collection features 15 beautiful shades, and I have with me six shades as follows:

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick Swatches

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick Swatches in shade (left) and direct sunlight (right).

110 Pink A Punch:

A bright and intense hot pink.

120 You’re All Mine:

A muted and softer version of Pink A Punch.

200 It’s A Keeper:

An MLBB nude shade that is slightly plummy under certain lighting.

510 Best of The Best:

Bright red with neutral undertones.

600 Peachy Beachy:

Full-on coral peach shade with very warm and orange undertones.

700 Naughty Nude:

Another MLBB, a lighter version of It’s A Keeper with more brown and warm undertones.


How gorgeous are these shades, and these are just six out fifteen color options!

Here are the lip swatches, please excuse the bad lighting though!

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick Swatches

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick Swatches

My favorites are obviously 200 It’s A Keeper and 700 Naughty Nude, no surprise there. However, I can see myself reaching for 120 You’re All Mine and 510 Best of The Best every once in a while!


Color Payoff

The swatches above we applied with one swipe/application, and you can see that it’s already super pigmented and intense. So color payoff is absolutely incredible for something that is so affordable.


Formula & Application

The texture and consistency of these are very creamy and the apply so smoothly without any patchiness or unevenness.

However, the major downside to this is when applying the darker lip colors, the lipstick bullet is so slippery because it’s so creamy that I sometimes would apply outside the lines of my lips. Application without a lip brush can be very messy, but in the lip swatches above I applied it straight from the bullet and simply removed and cleaned up any messiness with a makeup remover wipe (thankfully I wasn’t wearing any makeup, so foundation wasn’t an issue!).

If you’re going to use the darker colors, I recommend applying them very light handedly in layers, pursing your lips and evening it out after every application.

I had no problems applying the shades 200 and 700 though, since they’re very light, nude shades and are easy to clean.



Longevity is one of the biggest issues with these lipsticks. I’ve only ever worn the shades 200 and 700 when going out, and they lasted for about 3-4 hours before completely fading away without any touchups. However, I noticed that if I apply in layers, blotting my lips with a tissue after every application, I would get an extra 1 hour of wear, which isn’t bad at all.



The packaging is certainly pleasing to the eyes, but don’t compare it to the packaging of Tom Ford or Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. It’s certainly one of the best-looking lipsticks in drugstores, but I honestly prefer the look of the Kate lipsticks.

Rimmel Only 1 Lipstick (2)

The best thing about it is that there’s a strip on the base of the lipstick to show you which shade is inside, which is very handy and practical. I hate having to open up each of my MAC lipsticks as I don’t remember the names of the shades!

As usual, it has a crown embossing on top of the cap, and the word RIMMEL embossed on the side of the cap.



In the US, these can be found at Walgreens for US$6.49, for US$5.99-7.49, and other drugstores for a similar price.

In Australia, these are available from Priceline for AU$15.95 (approx. US$11).


Final Verdict

For something that is affordable, I think these are worth a try. Longevity isn’t as incredible as the Rimmel Provocalips (reviewed here) which could last for more than 8 hours without touchup, but they are much creamier and the formula really “hugs” the lips.

Repurchase? Yes, and I will be eagerly waiting for the next Priceline sale so I can get more shades!


Beauty Bucketeer Approved


Disclaimer: These products were sent for consideration, however all opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own. No payment was received for this review.




Have you tried any of the shades from this range? Let me know what you think!

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