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Allure Beauty Box Review

Allure Beauty Box September 2017

I’ve been subscribed to the Allure Beauty Box for the past 3 months, and by now I think I can finally decide whether I want to continue this subscription or not since I’ve also been subscribed to the Sephora Play and ipsy Glam Bag. Let’s see how they compare!

Check out my thoughts in my Allure Beauty Box review below.


Here’s a peek at my boxes from the past three months:


This box is honestly a bit of a dud for me. It came with four skincare products, one makeup and one hair product and I wish it had come with more makeup than skincare. I’ve only tried two things from this box and none of them were skincare.

Hair: OUAI Finishing Crème

I really like this cream. I apply it on the ends of my hair after I blow-dry my hair and it really hydrates and protects my locks from all the heat. My hair usually looks dry and brittle after it is blow-dried, but this gives it an extra shine and “life” back into it. I think I would purchase a full size!

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Makeup: Rodial Smokey Eye Pen

This is another product I tried, and it’s pretty good. It’s very smooth and creamy and I could easily smudge it upon application to give it a smokier look, but sadly this isn’t a very long lasting eyeliner. It lasted 2 hours on me before it started smearing on a hot Summer day. For $21, I think I’ll pass and just stick to my holy-grail NYX Très Jolie that’s only $11.99.

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…and here are the skincare items that I haven’t tried yet:

I’m sure I will probably end up liking some of these products, it’s just that my skin is currently very prone to clogging so I have to avoid trying new products these days.



This has got to be my favorite box of all time as I have been obsessed with EVERY SINGLE THING that is in this box! I’ve been using these things every single day ever since I got them.

(Note: I only received four items as the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream is missing from the box, however they’ve sent me a new box and it’s on its way!)

Hair: Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

This has got to be one of my top favorite dry shampoos of all time! It’s not exactly like a traditional dry shampoo that simply dries out your roots, this one adds volume too and holds it all day. At first it gives the hair sort of a hardened effect like a hairspray would because it does have a strong hold, but it smoothes out once I brush it through with my fingers.

Makeup: Beauty Blender Micro Mini

I’ve got the green mini Beauty Blender and I swear by it for travel as it’s so tiny and it does a great job at applying concealer. So I was stoked when I received this light pink mini Beauty Blender as the color goes so well with my makeup bag!

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Makeup: Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Captivating

I love Tarte’s Amazonian Clay blushes but so far I’ve never found a color that I love so much that I would wear it every single day, until this shade came along. I’m so glad I got a full size as I know I will definitely hit pan on this – I haven’t been able to put it down ever since I got it. The color is so natural and gorgeous on my skin, it’s described as a bright peach but translates more into a peachy pink shade on my skin.

I used it while we were vacationing in Orlando and it lasted the whole entire day under intense heat and in humid, sticky weather. I went on wet rides in Disneyworld and Universal too and the blush never faded! I seriously can’t put this blush down.

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Skin: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye

I’ve been wanting to try this ever since Kathleen from kathleenlights raved about this, but I could never justify buying the full sized product as it’s too pricey and I know I will never be able to finish it up. So I was ecstatic when I found this in the box! It’s a pretty generous size and I’m sure it’ll last me for at least a year as a tiny bit goes a long way.



This month’s box was honestly rather uneventful for me, nothing really stood out to me except the Korres mask, so I haven’t tried any of the products in the box except for the Kat Von D Saint perfume as I’ve already received a few samples of it before.

Here are the products in this month’s box that I’ve tried:

Hair: Pantene Foam Conditioner Sheer Volume

I’m sorry Pantene, but this product is utterly terrible, which is a shame because I love Pantene conditioners (reviewed here)! Not only did this conditioner fail to add volume (which it has promised), it made my hair coarse and knotty so there’s nothing “conditioning” and “volumizing” about this product. I think this is a newly released product as I haven’t been able to find it anywhere yet.

Makeup: Beauty for Real I-Line 24/7 Eyeliner in Whiskey

This was okay. It didn’t blow me away,  it wasn’t terrible like the Rodial one either. It’s a twist-up pencil which is good as I dislike pencils and crayons that require sharpening, and the tip is very fine compared to Rodial’s. This is much creamier and easier to apply, and it doesn’t tug on the skin. As for longevity, it didn’t last long on the waterline, but it was pretty durable on the upper lashline. If I continue to like this product I might actually consider buying it again because it does look very natural and is perfect for no-makeup makeup days.

Skin: Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial

This overnight mask is so amazing, I’m so glad I finally got to try this. I’ve only used it once but it really gave my skin a glow and a boost of hydration overnight. It’s very thick so it can be a bit hard to spread, but if feels so nice and smooth on the skin. I’m definitely going to buy the full size!

Fragrance: Kat Von D Sinner and Saint

Our boxes will contain one of these scents, and unfortunately for me I got the Saint! I honestly much prefer the Sinner scent, but the Saint isn’t bad at all so I ain’t complaining! I like how decently sized this is. The one I got from the Sephora Play box was so tiny it feels so fragile.

…and two products that I haven’t tried are:

I’m definitely keen on trying out these two, just not anytime soon.



So, will I be continuing my subscription? I guess so, but only until the next one, just because how amazing the September box was. If the next one falls below my expectation again, I’m definitely going to unsubscribe.

What do you think? Does the Allure Beauty Box live up to your expectations?


AVAILABLE FROM: Allure ($15/month incl. shipping)

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