Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick

There has always been hype around Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipsticks in the beauty industry, but I never really knew why. I thought, tons of beauty companies are coming out with liquid lipsticks, so what could be so special about these?

Well, I now understand what the hype is all about.

These Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks are incredibly long wearing, but moisturizing at the same time. Most liquid lipsticks end up on either end of the spectrum – the Colourpop (reviewed here) are very pigmented but a bit too drying, the Maybelline (reviewed here) are not quite as intensely pigmented but are moisturizing. It’s like they’d always have to sacrifice one thing for the other. So it’s amazing how these liquid lipsticks from Gerard Cosmetics can deliver both!

Disclaimer: These products were generously provided by Adore Beauty for consideration, however all opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own. No monetary payment was received for this review. Post may contain affiliate links.


I was sent four shades to test out, and I really like the selection.

West Coast is a bright, neon pink.

Immortal is a bright, true red.

1995 is neutral pinky brown.

Iced Mocha is a mauve-ish brown.

The brightness of West Coast really put me off at first, but I actually ended up liking it because I ended up mixing it with other shades. West Coast helps soften darker, more intimidating lip colors, but I honestly wouldn’t wear it on its own.

Immortal looks gorgeous against my light-medium olive skin tone.

My favorites are definitely 1995 and Iced Mocha, though. No surprise there. 1995, in particular, is perfect for every day use. I’ve been using it a lot!


Color Payoff

The payoff is very intense at first application, so you must be very careful. I recommend using a lip liner before applying this. I had a hard time applying West Coast and Immortal, the two most intense colors, but the results made it worth while.

I applied 1995 and Iced Mocha like a breeze, maybe because they’re not too intense? But I love how even a color as soft as 1995 is so opaque!



These have a creamier texture than Anastasia Beverly Hills and Colourpop liquid lipsticks. West Coast has the thinnest consistency, while Immortal is the creamiest, with an almost mousse-like texture. 1995 and Iced Mocha are in between. They all apply really nicely and evenly on the lips, I just had a harder time with the brighter colors (as mentioned above) when it came to the lip line. but in general, it wasn’t streaky and was easy to blend.

What I love most about these is that they’re very hydrating and very comfortable to wear, almost like they “hug” the lips.



These passed the kiss test (I can freely kiss my bubs with these on!) and they lasted for more than 8 hours, even with food. I find that if I applied too much, they will fade away quicker, especially with food. The top layer sheds off much faster if I layer it up too much, so I always make sure to just apply one even layer.



These come with a doe foot applicator and I like how they’re not too bouncy or sponge-like.



These retail for US$20 on the Gerard Cosmetics website, but I have ordered from them before and like many of their customers I had to wait for more than 3 months to get my order! Their customer service was nice, but the shipping is just terrible.

So I highly recommend purchasing these from online retailers such as Adore Beauty, which I’ve ordered from so many times before. They’re very reliable and they offer free shipping too. These liquid lipsticks retail for AU$22 on Adore Beauty.


Final Verdict

I was honestly skeptical about Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipsticks because of the controversy surrounding the brands’ affiliates/bloggers and how they are often dishonest about the quality of the products in order to get readers to buy them. The only other Gerard Cosmetics product I’ve ever tried are their lipsticks, and I personally like them, but I’ve never tried anything else from the brand. So, yeah, I was rather skeptical.

But boy, was I blown away. In all honesty, I really like these liquid lipsticks. Actually so much more than the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits (reviewed here), but close to another top favorite of mine from OFRA. These ones seem a tad more moisturizing though.

Have you ever given these a try? I highly recommend them if you haven’t!


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