Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon Review

Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon were released back in December 2017, but I just tested my samples two weeks ago and I wish I had tried them sooner! These are supposed to be lip crayons with the look, wear and feel of a liquid lipstick, and Marc Jacobs Beauty claims the product to have 16-hour wear and that it won’t dry or settle into lines.

Check out my Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon review below to see if they live up to their claims!

Disclaimer: These products were generously provided for consideration, however all opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own. No monetary payment was received for this review.



The range comes with 10 shades with a variety of nudes, pinks, mauves, and even a bright red and a black.

Check out the swatches from Marc Jacobs Beauty’s official website below:


The two shades I received were Pink Straight, described as a “cool mod pink”, and Plum N Get It, described as a “rich plum”, seen below:

Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon Swatches



The formula is so fascinating to me – it does come in the form of a lip crayon but it doesn’t apply or feel like one. It glides on so smoothly and slippery that it feels like applying liquid, unlike the balmy, sometimes waxy, texture of most lip crayons. I find it a bit difficult to draw a sharp line accurately but fortunately, the tint is pretty forgiving so mistakes were easy to fix.

The color payoff is incredible, it looks patchy and as if it settles in fine lines at first, but after it dries down it pretty much disappears and looks so smooth and seamless.

After application, it still feels slippery when I purse my lips together, and a little bit powdery. However, it does dry down to a semi-matte finish after about 5-10 minutes.

This is definitely not one of those rich, thick and creamy lip crayons like the Burt’s Bees Lip Crayons (reviewed here) or the Revlon Colorburst (reviewed here).



These had pretty long weartime, considering I snack and drink a lot throughout the day. It usually lasts for about 5-6 hours, but the stain stays on pretty much the whole day. However, as with most lip products, these won’t last against oily food. Had KFC the other day and it completely disappeared after the meal. But, these could withstand food with little to no oil that I usually eat (I can’t eat oily food, KFC was just a “cheat meal” lol).



This is probably my least favorite aspect about the product. The crayon is soooo soft that it’s pretty malleable and product would get all over the insides of the cap. The crayon is so fragile but the cap isn’t secure enough that it sometimes slips off in my purse – thank goodness it only ever smeared on receipts and some knick knacks, and not the fabric inner lining of my purse!



All in all, this is a truly unique product which is basically a liquid lipstick in crayon form. It wears and feels like a liquid lipstick and I love the diversity of the colors in the range. Wear time is also excellent, even with food.

The only things that bother me about this is how slippery it is on application and the packaging, but I would still recommend this because the product itself is amazing. I will definitely get the shades Night Mauves and Send Nudes!


AVAILABLE FROM: Bergdorf GoodmanMarc Jacobs, Neiman MarcusNet-A-PorterSephora ($26), Sephora Australia (A$38).



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